Sunday, August 15, 2010


~Akhirnya, ada band juga yang mau meluangkan waktunya buat di-bajak hasil karyanya..hahaha
Kali ini band yang berhasil kami bajak adalah MORALLY STRAIGHT, band Youth Crew-Hardcore dari Bandung. Mari berkenalan dengan mereka! So, check 'em out!!

MORALLY STRAIGHT standing around early on December 2008, during our first four members, namely by, Reza (vocals) [member of Fighting in Terror], xWahidx (Guitar), Taufik (Bass) [member of Fighting in Terror], xYusufx (Drums), with the hope we can survive in Bandung hardcore music scene . But all of them not as we all expect. Our two brothers choose to leave the MORALLY STRAIGHT, namely Reza and Taufik. And not longer than that we had re-emerged with a new format: xRICCOx (vocals), xWAHIDx (lead guitars), xLUTHFIx (bass), IWAN (second guitars), xYUSUFx (drums). And this is our last formation. With this format we continue to close ranks can return us to enliven the hardcore music scene.
We have a lot of inspiration from hardcore-punk bands. One of them is Youth Of Today, the band has a very important part of our band, because it indirectly Youth Of Today gives us a lot of input formed the band (thank you very much). By continuing to embrace the spirit of hardcore-punk in those days, we promise we will not forget the roots ..
and we will to struggle our hardcore till die..
we promise ..

Morally Straight contact:

Download their songs here:

True Till Death

Think About Your Future

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