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~~Akhirnya ada posting baru lagi. Kali ini sedikit berbeda karena kita menampilkan sesi wawancara dengan sebuah band Straight Edge asal Rochester, New York. Yaitu, DECLARATIONS. Ya, ini juga pernah sedikit dibahas di sini. Kali ini kami punya kesempatan untuk mewawancarai mereka. Tapi di sini kami hanya menampilkan wawancara mereka dalam bahasa Inggris saja. Tapi jangan khawatir, kalian bisa membaca wawancara mereka versi Indonesia di BETTERDAY ZINE:
Silakan simak wawancara kami dengan mereka berikut ini.


Declarations are a Straight Edge Hardcore band from Rochester, New York.
Although they are still "fresh", but they've released their demo that could be considered potential.
In the middle lunge "storm" personnel changes, they want are still fighting for on their commitment and the band. The interview was only answered by Matt (vocalist), Because busyness of on their respective personnel. Check this one out!

1. Hi, how are you guys?

Were keeping busy
with school and other bands!

2. Please introduce yourself guys!

Well, my name is Matt and I do vocals for Declaratio
ns. Rory and I are the original members of the band and along the way we picked up our drummer Joel from Forked Tongues and our new guitarist Noah from Death Camp, a band that Rory plays in too. (The band had just lost their guitarist and drummer. And they're DECLARATIONS line-up now. WTPz)

Check out their bands while your at it:

3. I know if the DECLARATION
S is a Straight Edge Hardcore band. Can you tell me about how DECLARATIONS formed?

Declarations formed from being fed up with the local scene and hoping to inspire thought and energy back to our city. Rochester and Upstate, New York are home to a lot of great bands and we wanted to share what we had to say. Our original guitarist, Alex and I, talked about starting a straight edge band with a lot of passion and heart. He wanted to play music that moved people and I had a lot to say. He had been talking to Rory about starting a band along the same lines and sooner or later we came across a couple of drummers and finalized a line up. We wrote our 4 song demo pretty quickly and recording was a no brainer. We spent the summer months playing shows with some really great bands like No Love Lost, Reviver, The Effort, Transit, and our friends (from Florida) Truth Inside and For the Cause.

Check Those dudes out:

4. When did you first know about Straight Edge? What does Straight Edge mean to you guys? what is Straight Edge band really inspires your life, and also inspires the DECLARATIONS?

I cant speak on the behalf of the rest of Declarations, but I can tell you everything that straight edge means to me. Straight edge is a personal choice, it's not what defines me. I have always believed that, for myself, anything that could cloud my vision or distract me from living a positive life of change would do nothing but limit me. My beliefs are what shape me and inspired me to live a straight life. It is always important to remember that our beliefs are what keep straight edge alive, not the other way around. Live your life for yourself. We have a really large range of styles and favorite bands. Personally Ray Cappo will always be a huge inspiration on our band. I know its cliche but Youth Of Today was the first band that stuck with me, that really made it a point to let their beliefs be heard and Ray would go on to be in really interesting bands. Right now I feel like 1990's bands are really inspiring to our band. Anything from Chokehold and Brother's Keeper, to Earth Crisis and Trial.

5. Are there any among you who are vegan / vegetarian? if so, who? what does vegan/vegetarian mean for you?

Rory, who plays bass in the band, is our only vegan member. I don't know exactly what veganism means to him, but the kid makes real good vegan cookies. A bit of advice for all you veg heads or inspiring plants eaters, learn to cook and eat vegetables!
(Yes, of course we (Vegan/Vegetarian) should be able to cook to survive. Hehe.. WTPz)

6. How about the Straight Edge scene there? Are you having trouble maintaining your Straight Edge idealism? Like many of intimidation of non-Straight Edge in NYC for example.

I honestly feel as though true edgemen are a dying breed. Many of the kids are into it for the wrong reasons and base their lives around one line in a song or something they've read on a t-shirt. There isn't a straight edge scene here, but there are a handful of people keeping the message alive. I don't believe that anyone should have a hard time keeping their ideals alive under these circumstances though. Straight edge always goes in and out of popularity and the true kids will stick around and others will fade, the same can be said for hardcore kids in general. Straight edge will always be a personal choice to me, its not a badge you wear or something to show off. The main thing is that the scene stays united no matter what the circumstances are. If a kid wants to smoke let them smoke, drink, or get off whatever they want to on. There are no scene police and that is how it should stay. A scene united with edge kids, metal heads, punks, and jaded old hardcore kids is what we all need. It is important we all share ideas with one another.

7. What do you think about the Hate-edge in the Straight Edge scene? And how do you put yourself in the hardcore scene. we all know that there is support and there is no support to the Straight Edge movement.

I have never really cared about scene politics or if straight edge was cool or not cool at the time. I don't think anyone should let hate go on in their scene. It is where you are supposed to feel safe with the beliefs you hold and the place that you can voice your opinion. With that said, people will always have a negative outlook on straight edge though. It is just how the human mind works. We always find something negative about everything and if somethings cool we find a reason to hate it and when its not cool anymore we wonder why we were ever into it in the first place. If you are hated in your scene for your beliefs don't let anyone get you down. If living a clean lifestyle is rewarding to you, then live your life to the fullest. You only have your self to answer to.
(yeah, many hardcore bands out there who are yelling about respect, tolerance, etc.. Just stop your shit! Just prove you're saying about respect! WTPz)

8. And how do you think about Sellout-Straight Edge (a person with or unintentionally leaving his Straight Edge idealism )?

When I was younger I was always really bummed on people "selling out". When your younger you look up to bands or certain individuals and it is easy to get caught up in "hardcore Jesus" worship, assuming your heroes are flawless. At the end of the day we are all human. As you get older it is important to remember that people grow and change and evolve through out their lives. I cant stress this enough, its a personal choice, your life is your responsibility alone. If your friends break edge, don't think your any better than them and drop the term "sell out". Look out for your friends no matter what and always keep an open mind.

9. I've been listening to your demo. But, to better reflect more about your band. Talk about what the lyrics? And what do you want to say through the lyrics and the music guys?

Those four songs really cover a wide range of topics. This band has really been a huge outlet to me. The main message is everyone has a voice of some kind and we must remember that we have a responsibility to use it. Whether you feel your country is going to shit, or simply your scene, you must always speak up. Find something to scream for and make it known. Share everything you have in your heart because real change comes from the underdogs, the ones who usually are to oppressed or think their voices and opinions don't matter. Life is short, so start yelling and pleading for unity. We must remember we are all one people in this world and we can truly take a stand now.

10. Are there any shows scheduled in the near future? Where?

No shows scheduled right now.

11. What do you plan and hope for the future?

With our member changes and most of us working or being back in school were pretty busy. Our main goal is to get back to basics and just write a EP. Were starting over and hoping to write the best music we can. Hopefully we get our act together and get back to playing show because it feels like forever.

12. Last words, thank you, good reference books, movies, cool Straight Edge site address to share, or anything to friends in Indonesia?!

Do yourselves a favor and check out the new The Effort record, Wartime Citizens. That band really hit the nail on the head with how I feel about America and how they view the world as a whole. If your into hard bands check out Bitter End's new album, Guilty As Charged. There are a lot of great new bands out right now, so just keep an open mind and take advantage of the internet. It has united the world as one scene and we wouldn't be talking today with out it. I always have to plug the local scene because it has grown so much and I'm proud of the bands coming out right now so if you have the time check out these bands:

13. Thanks a lot guys for the interview, have a nice day and stay true!

Thanks for the opportunity to spread our message and for those interested check out the demo, its still up for download on our myspace!

You can also visit BETTERDAY ZINE if you want to see their interview in Indonesian version. Here:

And you can download their songs here:

Thanks for xEl Veganox from BETTERDAY ZINE (Vegan-Straight Edge Zine).

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