Tuesday, September 21, 2010


~~Yeah, postingan baru lagi. Walaupun lagi-lagi, terlambat!! hahaha
Tapi tidak mempengaruhi kami. haha (sedikit arogan yang tanpa sebab)
Kali ini datang dari teman-teman Haybomb, sebuah band Alternative/Powerpop/Rock yang berasal dari Bandung, West-Java, Indonesia (lengkap nggak tuh?!).
Tanpa ba-bi-bu lagi, check 'em out!!

And for you guys who like Paramore, you will love this band!!

So, what are you waiting for??!!

Download their song!!

Haybomb story:
Haybomb was formed at November 28, 2009. When in that day, Chandra, Taufan, Ridwan and Yoga that have been friends since high school, for the first time meet Zashika and straight into the studio to practice by bring Paramore's songs.
We playing in alternative rock with lyrics that much told about our real life just like love,friendship,or something that ever happen in our life. We hope you all can enjoy our songs and headbang together with us.
For the future, we hope we can increasingly exist, consistently hit the stage, and for sure we all must work hard to create the best effort. Hopefully we finish in making an EP and it will be release in 2012.

Haybomb contact:


Download their song here:

Crossed A Line


Anonymous said...

sukses buat haybomb.. aku selalu mendukung kalian!!! yeeaaaahhh...
lagu crossed a line enak di denger, lebih enak lagu "two thumbs up" lebih rock,, hehehe..
ayo ayoo,, segera recording :))


Anonymous said...

aku suka haybomb :*

Anonymous said...

aku suka lagu nya haybomb
jadi pengen liat live nya ..

suksess teruss haybomb
paramore'nya bandung .

noname said...

wah keren nih aksi panggung nya HAYBOMB, sukses nyak !!

septi said...


Anonymous said...

go haybomb,aq suka banget sama karakter vocalnya ih,bikin gemezzz....
sukses ya haybomb,terus berkarya...

haybomb said...

Terima Kasih Banyak :)
Support Terus ya..


Rd Suga Dewantha said...

aku padamu :)))

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