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We Ride: Interview

~~Kali ini postingan dari hasil wawancara kita dengan WE RIDE. Wawancara ini diambil pada akhir bulan lalu, yang syukurnya mereka masih mau menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan saya di sela kesibukkan manggung mereka. Saya suka band ini, ketika ada band-band  yang baru muncul bergaya layaknya band legenda abad ini, mereka dengan santai menjawab pertanyaan dari blog sederhana ini yang mungkin kalau dihitung secara ekonomi dan secara fungsi mungkin tidak bisa membuat mereka lebih terkenal. Tak ada arogansi. Hehe.. Nice! Thanks for our friends in WE RIDE!! Check this interview and feel the Directions of  WE RIDE. Also free to download their demo and album! This is legal! Enjoy!

Borja, Brais, Mimi, Victor

1. How are you guys? Please introduce yourselves.

Hi! We’re WE RIDE, a 4 piece hardcore band formed in Vigo, Spain!
Mimi - vocals
Borja - guitar
Victor - bass
Brais - drums

2. Who had the idea to start WE RIDE (WR)?When and how WR formed?

We ride started in 2009 with our first drummer Dani, with who we recorded our Demo ’09, Borja was back from spending some time outside Vigo and came back with the idea of forming a new band, we gave our first shows and for personal reasons Dani decided to leave the  band, we knew Brais because his other band and that’s where WR started!!

3. I like your band name, unique.Why did you choose WE RIDE as your band name? There is a special meaning behind the name?

When took it from a sentence that says “We ride together, we die together”
It means like friends till the end, that are we!

4. How do you describe your music? What is the biggest influence for WE RIDE?

Our music express the way we see the world every day! Our music, despite being positive, is full of hate and anger for all the people that controls the world today, and try to manage our live.

5. What does Hardcore means for you guys? And until when you were Hardcore? Haha..

Hardcore for us, besides the music we love, has been our direction in this life. A life based on respect towards others, towards animals, towards the environment, and to be always shouting and struggling for a better world. Through the hardcore we met hundreds of amazing people around the world and visiting new cities. As one of our songs says “We ride hardcore till the day we die”. (Wow, it’s a great words, but i think maybe it’s also hard statement when we haven’t great passion for. Hardcore lives!!! WTPz)

6. Are you all Straight Edge? What does straight edge means for you?

Mimi: I am the only Straight Edge in the band!
I’m straight edge for 4 years, it’s the way i choosed to live my life, what makes me happy with myself, my ideals, a lifetime commitment.

7. What do you think About people sellout from straight edge?

Mimi: Go kill yourself! Hahahahaha... (Yeah, you right Mimi. It’s mean like rape our fucking promise. Think twice before make a decision! WTPz)

8. We move to the next question. We ride is a hardcore band with a woman as the
Front. Question to Mimi as a vocalist. Are there dificulties to be the only woman in a Hardcore band? And have you experienced bad treatment at the stage from the audience because you are a girl

Mimi: No way!!! I never had any problem for being a girl, opposite, people sometimes is more concerned about you, but i like to be treated like everyone else, there’s no difference on the stage between a boy or a girl, actually we see more and more girls enjoying hardcore shows, i really like that and for me it’s really special sharing stage with other girls. We have a WR t.shirt that says, “female fronted, girls do  it better” Haha..
And as the only girl in the band we never had any problem about that, of spending so much time together sometimes i forget that i’m a girl. Hahahaha...
(Hahahaha, it’s cool. I’ve saw the t-shirt that you said, and the girls should be. Here isn’t much bands who have a girl as a front. WTPz)

9. How do you keep the friendship in a band? How close are you to one another?

We’re not friends…
We are a family! Hahaha..
We’re really very very close! Two of us are roommates and provided that we can go together to eat, dinner, going to other shows, go out partying, or simply drink a coffee or go for a walk!
We’re also a band that rehearse  a lot, we never pass more than two days without seeing us. (Wow, yes you’re family guys. I mean, you’re like a brothers and sister on the same house. Full house! Hehe.. We can learn from you, friend like a family – family more than just a friend. Nice! WTPz)

10. Congratulations for your Directions LP released. You have been doing Directions album promo tour, how's the response?
The releases shows are being really amazing! Every shows we see new people singing our songs, wearing our merch… For us this is something that seems crazy!!

11. I’ve heard your Directions album. I Like it. Do you also plan to make a video clip?

We’ve been thinking about making a “profesional” video clip.
But we finally decided to do it ourselves with help of our friends, so yes! We are thinking a lot about it, we only have to decide the song and work on it. It’s gonna be great! (Sure, it would be great! I can’t wait for that guys. WTPz)

12. How's Hardcore scene in Vigo, Spain?

Borja: The scene today is better than before! There are more bands than ever, and many people struggling to keep hardcore growing!
In Spain we haven’t a scene as big as in other European countries like France, Germany and Belgium ... but certainly between Spain and Portugal any band can make a very good tour here!

13. What is your plan in the near future?

The first for us is to continue releasing our album in Spain and Portugal! We want to play in all cities/towns! We’ve been playing in an abandoned train station in a very very small town in Spain, which lived just 100 people!
I think it was our concert with fewer people, but it was great! We would return tomorrow if they call us! Hahahahha.. (Sounds great there, hehe.. WTPz)
Next month will announce the first dates/countries of our European tour, which will consist of two parts!

14. Thank you for taking the time for this interview and also thanks for an album that you share on our little blog. The last words or messages or anything else to our blog readers or friends on Indonesia?

Thank you for counting with us and for giving us a place in your blog, your work is great! We hope you all enjoy our “Directions”.  It’s amazing knowing our music get’s so far. We hope to see you all one day on a We Ride show round there!
We Ride Hardcore 2010!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, i hope i can see your show in here someday. See you guys! Thank you! Go WE RIDE! WTPz)


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